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Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: In this study, chitosan, a natural cationic polysaccharide obtained by natural acetylation method, garlic extract garlic and goji beri extract were encapsulated with taurine extracts. Spray drying method was used in the encapsulation process. Drying inlet temperature was determined as 120 oC and outlet temperature as 45 oC. The extracts and encapsulated chitosan compounds were analyzed by Fourier transformed infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and their molecular weights were determined by cryoscopy method. The % antioxidant activity of the synthesized compounds was analyzed by UV spectrophotometer and the loading capacity of the antioxidant compounds in encapsulation was calculated. Then, antibacterial analyzes and surface activity analyzes of the synthesized compounds were performed against Listeria monocytogenes, Staphylococcus aureus, E.coli and Salmonella bacteria using well diffusion method and Zeiss microscope. According to the analysis results % antioxidant activity values of synthesized CSA and CSB compounds were determined as 49.3 % and 58.7 % respectively. Molecular weights were calculated as 67, 95 and 134 kDa for chitosan (CS), CSA and CSB compounds, respectively. The loading capacities of the antioxidant compounds in encapsulation were analyzed as 58.4 % and 65.1 % for CSA and CSB, respectively. Four different bacteria were used for antibacterial analysis of chitosan and encapsulated CSA and CBS compounds. E.coli and Salmonella bacteria were used as gram negative bacteria, S.aureus and L.monocytogenes cultures were used as gram positive bacteria. According to the antibacterial analysis results, the largest inhibition zones for CSA and CS compounds were obtained against Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. According to the surface activity analysis results of the compounds against E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes and S.aureus bacteria, significant surface activity results were obtained against all bacteria except S.aureus bacteria.
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