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Title: A Contribution to the Turkish-Soviet Relations Literature
Authors: Guzeloglu, Efe
Issue Date: 2021
Series/Report no.: 40;
Abstract: The society, which is in constant motion, undergoes major transformations with the effects of mass media. From the beginning of written communication to the world of printed communication, the world has begun to become more universal with the invention of the printing house. Developments in the field of communication are triggering each other in social, political and economical arena, leading to many innovations that progress. In this study, the communication revolutions lay the groundwork for significant transformations in every area of human interest. The greatest cause of the development of individuals, societies and therefore international interactions is communication revolutions. As mass media develop, societies are experiencing cultural changes. Developments in communication environments have a universal set of results. These results reshape the perception of the world's communication. The universal world is now part of a versatile communication system. There is a close connection between communication and society. This connection is of course established by the development of communication tools. Along with every new innovation in the field of communication, it has become possible for the individual to record the message and transmit it to larger masses. This study, which has been prepared by literature review, aims to explain the communication revolutions that societies meet today from verbal communication. Within this scope, sections of the process of invention and electronics cycle are presented.
ISSN: 1304-9720
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