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Authors: AMIN, BI BI Aish
Keywords: Facebook, Social Media
Consumer Attitude
Brand Perception
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: Nowadays social media sites are attractive for brands, almost every brand is using the platforms created by social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Reaching the target audience has got easier through social media channels and the process of receiving consumers` feedbacks is less complicated. The way a consumer thinks about a particular brand is hugely significant in creating a consumer relationship. Organizations aim to make their products memorable and create points of differences in their products, services and strategies. In this study, the perception regarding the brand pages and their attitude towards Facebook advertisement is focused on. An online questionnaire was published. The respondents were all active Facebook users in Turkey. In this study, the main focus is on Facebook and the platform which is created through Facebook for brands. Facebook supports communication through videos and messages. This research aims to provide a deeper view of influencing consumer attitude through Facebook, this research is about building a permanent relationship with consumers. An online questionnaire was distributed through social media platform and 227 responses were collected. The findings based on the analyses used suggest that there are no significant differences between gender considering perception towards the brand pages and no differences regarding consumer attitude towards Facebook advertisements but the perception of a brand page does affect consumer attitude towards advertisements. This study concludes that building a brand needs building brand pages on Facebook and creating the most relevant ads moreover, creating conversation through these pages and advertisements.
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