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Title: Okullarda Destek Birimlerinin Önemi ve Görevi: Türkiye’de Mevcut Durum (The IMportance and Duties of Supporting Departments In Schools: Present Situation ın Turkey).
Authors: ÖZAR, Miraç
Keywords: Curriculum Development
Measurement and Evaluation
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Turkish Journal of Education
Citation: Turkish Journal of Education, April 2013, Volume 2, Issue 2
Abstract: Planning, implimentation and evaluation of educational experiences at schools require expertise. The cognitive, affective, social and psycomotor dimensions must be determined on a regular basis and the results need to be communicated with all the relevant stakeholders. “The Department of Curriculum Development” should be able to provide support for each and every student since planning, implementation and evaluation of learning activities are among the scope of their responsibilities. In order to provide this support, based on facts and figures, “the Department of Measurement and Evaluation” must be in place. In addition to that the main support which is expected of the “Department of Guidance and Counselling” is guiding the students and the parents, providing preventative guidance and counselling services and helping students to get to know themselves. The said support is so important for the management of the school, teachers and for the students. The main objective of this article is to bring out the necessity of having the “Measurement and Evaluation, Curriculum Development and Guidance and Counseling” in place at school settings as supportig departments and create a platform to discuss the main duties of the said departments with a view to enhacing the success rates in schools in Turkey.

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