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Authors: Junaid Abbas, Raja Muhammad
Keywords: Photovoltaic Systems
Photovoltaic Inverter Control
Partial Harmonic Current Compensation
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: This idea is based on the adding of extra functions to the conventional photovoltaic systems, such as the harmonic current compensation of nonlinear loads and reactive power support. Though, it is significant to guarantee that photovoltaic inverters work below the rated current peak. Therefore, we will be designing an inverter during harmonic current compensation of nonlinear loads. We will be using a closed loop technique instead of open-loop technique. With this approach, the photovoltaic inverter will be able to perform partial harmonic current compensation, i.e., it will only be allowed to compensate harmonic currents within their maximum current capacity. By using the Park transformation, reference signals are converted first into 0 −α − β stationery frame, then into 0 − d − q rotating frame. It is a power control algorithm, (MPPT) that’s why we have used PI controller on active power and reactive power in-order to limit the current. By comparing and limiting both these powers, we get reference current which we feed to MPPT function. The simulation results provide improvements in the grid power quality at the same time as the inverter rated current capacity is respected.
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