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Authors: BASHARI, Nesar Amad
Keywords: Afghanistan
Sector Reform
European Union
Post-Conflict Peace Building
, State Building
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: The Security Sector Reform (SSR) in Afghanistan started with the intervention of United States of America (USA) and its allies in 2001 when the state institutions were destroyed by previous regimes and internal conflicts. with the international intervention forces presence as (SSR) suggests was needed for the reform of security sector until the successful state building process and the rebuilding of security forces in the country. (SSR) is essential for creating a security sector which is not political but an effective and professional security force that is responsible and accountable for the security of not just the state but the citizens too. The scope of this thesis is to find out the amount of contributions to the process by the European Union (EU). The EU apart from its vast assistance in different sectors in Afghanistan contributed in the reform of police and the justice reform which can be called as its main contributions in the SSR of Afghanistan through its police mission started from 2007 which is the concentration of this thesis to find out the extent of its contributions in the process. Afghan National Defence and Security Forces (ANDSF) is used as the wider term which covers the whole security sector of Afghanistan that include the Afghan Border Force, Local Police, National Army, Air Force, National Police, National Civil Order Force, Special Forces, Territorial Army, and the National Directorate of Security with the level of active 352,000 personnel as of December 2018 according to the report by the US Department of Defence (USDOD).
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