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Authors: mansor, musa mahammad musa
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: The purpose and aim of this research are to show and evaluate the relationship and the effectiveness between TQM Practices, Statistical Measures, and Financial, Innovation, and Operational performance respectively in business projects at firms. In addition to finding ways to improve the performance through focuses on how to use TQM Practices and Statistical Measures to improve performance of business projects.Data were collected from 283 respondents in Istanbul, sample of Turkish firms based on the study model data were examined using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) software by applying frequency distribution tables also bar charts of questionnaire (part A) and further correlation, R-Square, ANOVA and Regression Analysis for questionnaire (part B). Results show that the relationship between TQM Practices, Statistical Measures, and Performance (Financial, Innovation, and Operation) in the firms is positive.This study has analyzed through descriptive approach that was used to study about demographic profile of business in Istanbul, and TQM items have been developed to test the hypothesis. Five-point Likert scale questionnaire has been adopted for data collection, the reliability statistics of all items was 0.998 which is excellent, in order to measure the relationship among variables correlation a test was used, regression analysis R-Square interpretation, ANOVA was used to show the impact of TQM Practices on Financial, Operations, and Innovation Performance of the business projects. Statistical analysis also showed results and suggestions for this model.
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