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Authors: Sabaghzadeh Tousi, Ayda
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: This research emphasis on impact of TV advertising on children’s food choices. This study was conducted in order to study television advertisements and children’s food consumption while watching television and their desire to purchase goods that they see on television advertisements. Different methods of advertising were entering human’s life, which excite peoples living format directly and indirectly every day. Whole of food companies are trying to increase their sales therefore use a different format of propagation and food advertisings which children are the most vulnerable target. So they are bombarded by advertising for different kinds of food everywhere they turn. Companies are trying to convince children that they product is needed and trying to force children to purchase their products by using different techniques of advertising Technology, advertising, billboards has influenced in living condition so modern societies were impressed so much. However, family values and region cultural can play a big role in a daily eating program. During this study children’s food regimes and focus on their eating behavior while watching television and their shopping requests while shopping in the supermarket will be examine. For this reason questionnaire was prepared and focused on Food Advertisement, TV Advertisement, School Advertisement , Musical Advertisement, Children’s Consumption Attitudes and analysis children’s opinions who are aging from 8 to 11 years old from primary school. DOGA collage in Avcilar – Istanbul was chosen for doing this survey This study is proposed to discover the effect of TV food advertising on children as a target group. This survey will make use of statistical techniques Hypothesis were conveyed to show the significance and factor analysis used. Also SPSS statistical tool used for analyzing hypothesis. There are findings, interpretations concluding parts which were established on the Evaluation and statistical data’s from the questionnaire.
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