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Authors: Özcan, Gülten
Keywords: Gender
Gender Equality
Women's Issues
Local Government
Toplumsal Cinsiyet
Cinsiyet Eşitliği
Kadın Sorunları
Yerel Yönetimler
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: Nowadays, based on the issues of human rights at the level of gender inequality is perceived as a social problem. Features the community created by women leads to their problems. Since the 1980s, development of human rights and freedoms and women's issues has been significant progress. These developments and regulations is not enough. Gender equality adopted by all segments of society against women, with the change of approaches are possible. The process of globalization is affecting the economic and social life of communities, local governments on the role of social policy has changed. Local governments have an important role to ensure social stability. Organization of social life with local resources, municipal planning, regulation and practices affecting the approach. In this study, women-specific applications of local governments as well as budgeting, urban rights, environmental movements, health and social work practices are examined. Approaches to issues specific to women in political parties was investigated.
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