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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Diagnostic performance of RT-qPCR method by targeting 85B mRNA in the laboratory diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection: A preliminary study in Turkish patientsErgin S.; Kocazeybek B. S.; Gode S.; Dinc O.; Cizmecigil U.; Turan N.; Bakir I.; Keskin M.; Sirekbasan S.; Saribas S.; Atalik K.; Bonabi E.; Ayaz G.; Yeniterzi M.; Yilmaz H.
2016SOCIAL MEDIA AND SMART MOBILE TECHNOLOGY: SMART SOCIAL LIFESCaliskan R.; Tokman H. Bahar; Nepesov S.; Karakullukcu A.; Demirci M.; Ayaz G.; Saribas S.; Dinc O.; Taner Z.; Vehid S.; Uysal H. Kirkoyun; Bonabi E.; Cokugras H.; Kocazeybek B.
2016Current problems in serologically based diagnostic algorithm of HIV 1/2: The re-evaluation of immunodot blot assays in HIV 1/2 verification in TurkeyOner Y. A.; Saribas S.; Okullu S. O.; Nepesov S.; Demirci M.; Karakullukcu A.; Uysal H. Kirkoyun; Bonabi E.; Cokugras H.; Kurt O.; Ayaz G.; Tokman H. Bahar; Kocazeybek B.
2016Comparison of the incidence of dientamoeba fragilis in a cohort of paediatric children with allergic asthma and aontrols: Is it a pathogen or protector?Saribas S.; Demirci M.; Toprak S.; Ozer N.; Caglar E.; Ortakoylu G.; Yuksel P.; Ayaz G.; Bonabi E.; Tokman H. Bahar; Kiraz N.; Kocazeybek B.
2016The gene expression of helicobacter pylori neutrophil-activating protein (HP-NAP)Yuksel P.; Caliskan R.; Kuskucu M.; Mutcali S. Islak; Kosan E.; Uysal H. Kirkoyun; Habip Z.; Abdelkerem A.; Mete B.; Saribas S.; Bonabi E.; Birinci I.; Dinc O.; Midilli K.; Kocazeybek B.
2016The role of adenovirus 36 induced obesity in obese adults with cardiovascular disorders: The first clinical study investigating ad-36 antibody in sera and DNA in mediastinal adipose tissues of cases with cardiovascular disorders from Turkey (A preliminary study)Kocazeybek B.; Habip Z.; Sohrabi P.; Saribas S.; Caliskan R.; Demirci M.; Karakullukcu A.; Atalik K.; Bonabi E.; Yuksel P.; Vehid S.; Kosan E.; Tokman H. Bahar