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Authors: AHMED, Elmi Fouad
Issue Date: 2024
Abstract: Nowadays, with the development of power systems, considering environmental pollution is one of the most important challenges for designers and electricity market activists. These factors have caused the planners to use all the current services, including the penetration of renewable resources, reactive power controllers, operation of the reserve systems, stabilizers of the power system, and load management methods in operation. In this project, the dynamics of DG units integrated with the main grid are evaluated. So, distributed voltage controllers are used to restore the voltage values to their corresponding reference values for all DGs in a limited period of time, and a distributed frequency control based on aggregation of units is used. In the frequency recovery mode, there is a challenge that the control inputs must be equal to each other in the steady state to satisfy the power sharing property. For this purpose, a distributed PI controller has been used to mitigate the power flucyuations and recover the frequency. During the first stage, the voltage range of the distributed generator is greatly reduced while the frequency is synchronized with the load at a certain value. In this regard, both voltage and frequency have significant differences with their reference values. Therefore, it is necessary to restore them in the secondary control layer. When the distributed secondary control is activated, both the power value and the frequency value are quickly restored to their reference values. In fact, although a series of transitory states are observed at first, the frequency stabilizes at its permanent value. By examining the obtained results, it is clear that the distributed secondary control level can eliminate the amounts of violations created in the field of power and frequency control. In fact, when the secondary control level is activated, the active power distribution is well managed by the participation of different sources
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