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245-252.pdf.jpg2013Detection of Animal Species in Some Meat and Meat Products by Comparatively Using DNA Microarray and Real Time PCR MethodsÖZPINAR, Haydar; TEZMEN, Gündüz; GÖKÇE, İnci; TEKİNER, İsmail Hakkı
245-252.pdf.jpg2013DNA Mikroarray ve Real Time PCR Yöntemleri ile Bazı Et ve Et Ürünlerinde Tür Tayini İncelemesi.ÖZPINAR, Haydar; TEKİNER, İsmail Hakkı
2011Effect of Mannan Oligosaccharides on the Immune System: Transport of MOS in to Lamina Propria.ÖZPINAR, Haydar; KLASSİNG K.C.; TEKİNER, İsmail Hakkı
2012Environmental Contamination in Food Sources and Food Safety in Turkey.ÖZPINAR, Haydar; TEKİNER, İsmail Hakkı
lam12122.pdf.jpg2013-06-24Evaluation of Pathogenic Escherichia coli Occurrence in Vegetable Samples from District Bazaars in İstanbul Using Real-Time PCRÖZPINAR, Haydar; TURAN, Burçin; TEKİNER, İsmail Hakkı; TEZMEN, Gündüz; GÖKÇE, İnci; AKINEDEN, Ömer
bildiri_ozetleri.pdf.jpg2013Examination of Animal Species in Meat and Meat Products by DNA Microarray and Real Time PCR MethodsÖZPINAR, Haydar; GÖKÇE, İnci; TEKİNER, İsmail Hakkı
2012Food Safety and Health, Nutrition in Pre-school aged children and parental relations in 0-6 yr old Children.ÖZPINAR, Haydar; Sayın, N.; Ünal, S.Ö; MUTLU, H.; TEKİNER, İsmail Hakkı
FZD_Istanbul_Workshop_Regulatory_System_Comparison_Biosafety_GMOs.pdf.jpg2013Food Safety Perspectives in GMOs and DNA-based Molecular Testing Methods with Achievable Threshold Level.TEKİNER, İsmail Hakkı
GDO.pdf.jpg2010GDO ve İmmün SistemÖZPINAR, Haydar; TEKİNER, İsmail Hakkı
2010Investigation of Deoxyvalenol (DON) Levels in Some Cereals and Feeds.ÖZPINAR, Haydar; KUTAY, C.; TEKİNER, İsmail Hakkı
tekiner.pdf.jpg2011Keynotes for Doctoral Education in Food Engineering to Health Sciences.ÖZPINAR, Haydar; TEKİNER, İsmail Hakkı
O2011.jpg.jpg2011Keynotes for phD approach in food engineering to health sciencesÖZPINAR, Haydar; TEKİNER, İsmail Hakkı