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2013-08Radiofrequency Heating and Magnetic Field Interactions of fixed Partial Dentures During 3-Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging”AYYILDIZ, S.; KAMBUROGLU, K.; SİPAHİ, C.; MURAT, Sema; GÖRGÜLÜ, S.; PİŞKİN, B.
2012Raising awareness for sustainability in Basic Design,ÖZER, Derya Güleç; SATICI, B.; TURAN, B.O; SOYGENİŞ, M.; ed. By C.A. Brebbia
05766086.pdf.jpg2011Rational Interpolation Scheme Based on Bayesian Classifiers for Multi-Resonance Response of Radio Frequency Devices.EL-KAHLOUT, Y.; KIZILTAŞ, G.
2013Real World Learning: Reading in EFL Classes and Reading in Real LifeTÜTÜNİŞ, Birsen
2013Real World Learning: Bringing English Language Teaching To LifeTÜTÜNİŞ, Birsen
eraslan.pdf.jpg2011The Reception Room’ in the Tripartite Plan and its Effects On the Mesopotamian Domestic ArchitectureERARSLAN, Alev
20120308_index.pdf.jpg2012The Reflections of New Technologies on Film Format and Visual Style: The PSYCHO Case Within The Context of Intensified Continuity EditingZENGİN Oktuğ, Melis; ZENGİN, İbrahim
2011Regional and Sectoral Clustering under the Investment Support,GENÇYILMAZ, Mehmet Güneş; A. Mengi (Ed.)
2013The Relationship Between 12th Grade Students Interpersonel Relationship and Academic Success LevelsBAGCECİ, B.; ODABAŞI, Battal
1612197X.2012.pdf.jpg2012Relationship between cognitive appraisal and coping style following acute stress among male and female Turkish athletes.ANSHEL, M.H.; SUTARSO, T.; SÖZEN ŞAHİNER, Didem
2013The Relationship Between Hyperactivity/Dyslexia Disorder and Emotional Intelligence and Success, 2ODABAŞI, Battal
2013The Relationship Between Pre-service Elemantary Teachers’ Environmental Literacy and Self-efficacy Beliefs Toward Environmental Education.SARIBAŞ, Deniz; TEKSÖZ, G.; ERTEPINAR, Hamide
2011Renewable Energy–Trends and ApplicationsSAYGIN, Hasan; CETIN, F.; Edited by M. NAYERIPOUR and M. KHESTI
2011-11A Research Introclucing General Information on the Students of Printing and Publishing Technologies Program at Foundation Universities and State Vocational Schools of Higher Education.BEYTUT, Hüseyin; BİROL, Emel; YAMAN, Özgül
makale1.pdf.jpg2012Research trends in science education from the perspective of journal of Baltic science education: a content analysis from 2002 to 2011CAVAŞ, B.; CAVAŞ, P.; OZDEM, Y.; RANNİKMAE, M.; ERTEPINAR, HAMİDE
2011Resmî Tarih Söylemi ve Tarihî RomanYETİŞ, KAZIM
2013Resonance frequency analysis of 208 Straumann dental implants during the healing periodGüLER, AHMET ÜMİT; SÜMER, M.; DURAN, I.; SANDIKÇI, EO; TELCİOĞLU, NT
2012Resources for Teachers of English.TÜTÜNİŞ, Birsen
vatan1.pdf.jpg2012Retrofıttıng Denız Palace Hıstorıc Buıldıng For ReusıngKORKMAZ, E.; VATAN, Meltem